The website including  the first bibliograhical e-database in the field of translation in Azerbaijan, has been given into the usage of the users since April, 2008.

The preliminary version of the website was created under the financial support of UNESCO and Azerbaijan University of Languages.

In the first stage, the database included bibliographic descriptions on literary translations from and into Azerbaijani for the last 40 years (1970-2007), the bibliographical descriptions of the scientific and theoretical materials published in our country on translation studies, and a mini electronic library of the literature translated from and into Azerbaijani as well.

 However, there was need for expansion and improvement of the website. We applied for financial support for the  Support Council to Non-Government Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan and in spring, 2009 the necessary support was provided by the Council and the Azerbaijan University of Languages for the realization of the project on the “Expansion of the e-database for the purpose of development and codification of Azerbaijani language”. Under this support the website has been enriched and the newly- included bibliographic descriptions cover 1950-2009 years.

The e-library including translation works from and into azerbaijani has been  remarkably expanded too. New pages under the names “Translators” and “Dissertations” have been created.

These pages include short biographies of the distinguished azerbaijani translators and bibliographic database of the doctorate dissertations defended in our country and abroad.

There maybe some mistakes and unprecise information in the materials of the website since this project is the first step on this field.  We thank those who will express their views on the website in advance.